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Cambell Primary Centre is a behaviour recovery and assessment provision. We have children for a fixed-term period, usually three terms, to provide them with strategies to regulate their behaviour, build emotional resilience and become confident in their social skills. Our team of teachers and support staff receive specialist training to do this. We also work closely with mainstream schools, therapists and SEMH experts in order to secure the best possible outcomes for the pupils in our care.

SEMH refers to the child’s ability and readiness to learn. A child with poor social needs will struggle to relate to others well within the classroom setting and this will impact on their ability to concentrate and their general quality of life. If a child struggles to regulate their own emotions this can also affect their classroom readiness.

We work in partnership with each child’s mainstream school with an aim to eventual re-integration, usually after two to three terms.

Lessons within the centre follow the National Curriculum but also have an additional focus on “Emotional Literacy” and “Social Skills” with lots of opportunities for reflection on behaviour. There is a consistent positive behaviour management policy in place, with a clear set of rules, rewards and consequences to help modify their behaviour.

Our vision is to help children with SEMH needs to meet their full potential both here and in their future settings. We are ambitious for our children’s social, emotional and academic progress and aim to send children on to their next setting prepared to face the future with confidence

The aims of the centre are:Contact Us
-To provide a thorough and ongoing assessment of each childs needs
-To provide time limited, personalised support to children whose SEMHD needs exceed the resources of the mainstream school
-To equip children with the tools they need to learn
-To use multi-agency links to provide the highest quality support packages for families
-To support children with reintegration back into mainstream school or make recommendations for an alternative specialist provision
We are a short walk from Becontree train station. Our postal address is the same as the main school, but the entrance to Cambell Primary Centre can be found on Arden Crescent.

Cambell Primary Centre,
James Cambell Primary School,
Langley Crescent,

Phone: 020 3988 3393
Email: rseaton@jamescambellprimary.org.uk
Web: www.jamescambell.com/?page_id=5244
Twitter: @CambellCentre

A Typical CPC Day
Meet the team
9:15am Toast
9:30am Guided reading
10:00am English
10:30am Break
10:45am Class read
11:00am Mathematics
11:30am History
12:00pm Social skills/Reflection
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Handwriting/Newsround
1:20pm Spanish
1:50pm PSHE
2:30pm Reflection/Choosing

All our staff have had training specific to the children’s needs. Staff have experience in both SEN and mainstream settings so they can support the children’s SEMH and other SEN needs but also have the relevant experience to support a return to mainstream.

Miss R Seaton – Centre Manager and Assistant Head

Mrs Z Abbas – Teacher
Mr S Murray -Teacher                      

Ms M Ball – Nurture Lead/HLTA       

Miss S Nessa – Teaching Assistant     
Ms K Smith – Teaching Assistant    
Ms T Ahmed – Apprentice Teaching Assistant