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James Cambell’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an active and growing PTA which raises money for things that enhance the learning experience for our children. We organise events and activities, which we hope bring the school community together to have some fun. We believe in the best for every child, every day.   We can support this by celebrating our school and doing more together.

It plays a vital role in assisting the participation of parents in school life by: 

  • Providing an active but informal communication link between our school and parents on non-academic matters.
  • Organising events to foster school community spirit and for the enjoyment of the children.

We have 7 members on the board and a larger group of volunteers who help whenever they can.

Chair- Keisha van Kleef-BoltonVice Chair- Kate EllisSecretary- Louise JaggsCommittee Member- Katy SzilveszterCommittee Member- Elena PetkovaPublicity Officer-Clara BreakwellTreasurer- Caroline Stevens

But we can’t run it alone. Thanks to all that have supported us so far, but we still need more volunteers. You don’t have to give up an evening every week for the rest of your days! If you could just give a small bit of your time, perhaps help at one event or do some organising, or if you have computer skills (we need that too), it would be enough to help us do so much more! It’s actually great fun, you meet great people and get to know your school.

The funds raised by the PTA gets spent on a variety of things to help improve our school and the whole school experience for our children.

The events can range from after-school film or disco nights to ad hoc cake sales or splash parties and annual events such as the Christmas Fayre/Carols.

The Christmas Fair- December 2021

Friday 1st July- Summer Fayre