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Intent of Destination Reader

Destination Reader is aimed specifically at improving the teaching of reading at KS2. It is not a scheme and is therefore flexible to work with any texts. Feedback from over 100 schools currently using Destination Reader has shown dramatic improvement in the quality of reading lessons at KS2. Children read with greater understanding, independence and, above all, enjoy reading more.

Destination Reader is an approach to teaching reading in KS2. It involves daily sessions incorporating whole class modelling prior to the children applying these skills through partner work and independent reading. Children deepen their understanding of the texts they read through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems. The strategies include: Predicting, Asking Questions, Clarifying, Summarising, Making inferences, Making connections and Evaluating. The approach encompasses the key principles of effective reading provision and fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. It also builds a culture of reading for pleasure and purpose.

BENEFITS of Destination Reader

• improves teachers’ understanding of teaching reading at KS2

• provides a clear, consistent structure for daily reading lessons.

• develops children’s deeper understanding of age-appropriate texts

• enables children to become successful readers and comprehenders through the explicit teaching of key strategies

• supports teacher’s formative assessment of reading

• ensures engagement though an interactive approach, fostering reading for pleasure and purpose

• provides a structured approach to key learning behaviours which allow children to be fully independent learners