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As a school serving a community that has known decades of disadvantage, our priority is in providing our pupils with the aspirations and outcomes that enable them to become successful, inquisitive adults – equipped with a wealth of knowledge, competencies and experiences.  Therefore, we have developed a creative and thematic curriculum, which includes the teaching of subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider topic-based curriculum. Pupils are able to make useful links between areas of learning and consolidate skills while being fully engaged. Our curriculum is progressive, which builds upon and expands previous learning. Curriculum experiences extend and deepen understanding of different topics whilst developing pupils’ cultural capital. Planning ensures that the curriculum is accessible to all, whilst offering challenge and enrichment at every Phase, Stage and age.

In consultation with the school community, we have developed a connected curriculum to deliver the National Curriculum and other aspects, including Personal Social Health Education (PHSE) and the local Borough’s Religious Education agreed syllabus. Depending on the topic being covered, a theme can last from half a term to a full term. Each topic is focused around a particular curriculum area and subjects are taught across the term. The combinations of themes planned over a year will teach the statutory program of study for the ‘National Curriculum 2014’.

Through a ‘vocabulary rich’ curriculum of literature and experiences, we enable pupils to develop knowledge, understand concepts and acquire skills. The desired aim is for pupils to be equipped in preparation for the next stage of their learning. Prepared with both knowledge and skills, the children are encouraged to question, reflect and evaluate ideas and concepts before forming their own opinions and beliefs.  Lessons support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, opening their eyes to the ‘awe and wonder’ of the world in which they live – giving them opportunities to explore and nurture their own interests and talents. The outdoor environment is integral to our curriculum –so that pupils are active, thus promoting their physical development and progressing their responsibility for their own health and well-being. Our curriculum instils pupils with a positive attitude towards learning where independence, perseverance and resilience are developed in order they grow in to resourceful adults, who are able to compete equally with their peers in the adult world. We plan equal access to learning and have high expectations of every pupil where appropriate levels of challenge and support ensure our pupils leave James Cambell Primary School having reached their full potential and beyond, with the skills and knowledge to do whatever they aspire to do next.