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At James Cambell Primary School, we aim to equip children with the knowledge required to use and implement Science today, tomorrow and for their futures. We offer a high-quality Science curriculum, which evokes curiosity, excitement and understanding about the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics whilst supporting the fundamental British Values.

Children are given a variety of opportunities to problem solve and build an understanding of the world for themselves within and outside of the classroom, articulating and sharing ideas both independently, collaboratively and as a class. Building key knowledge and understanding concepts within our Science curriculum, we ensure our pupils recognise the power of rational explanation through using rich scientific vocabulary, develop a sense of curiosity about natural phenomena and develop respect for the environment and living things, including themselves and each other. We are proud to hold The Primary Science Quality Mark Award (PSQM) and our curriculum is developed to build upon this practice, knowledge and understanding.

The school follows the ‘Snap Science’ scheme of work, which develops pupils’ understanding of nature, processes and methods of Science through a variety of different scientific enquiries, which stimulates thinking and allows them to answer questions posed about the world around them.  Pupils are encouraged to develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of scientific enquiry to answer their own questions, including observing changes over a period of time, noticing patterns, grouping and classifying, carrying out simple comparative tests, and investigating using secondary sources of information. In addition, the school has implemented a progression of knowledge and skills science framework in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology highlighting children’s yearly progress of the skills and knowledge that they build upon within the Science curriculum.  

Where possible, the Science taught is embedded within the topics, however, some will be taught discretely to maximise the learning time and experience. The curriculum also ensures progression of skills and cumulative learning, building on and supporting the children’s metacognitive learning strategies through effective pedagogical and vocabulary rich teaching. Subject specific vocabulary is taught and built upon as topics are revisited to ensure conceptual understanding in order to be used accurately and precisely. We know that our children learn through enquiry-based learning, thus science at James Cambell has been structured to ensure that our children have first-hand science experiences from the beginning of their learning journey. This allows for independent exploration and investigation that then leads to progression of communication. Our curriculum is enriched with scientific enquiry using our own school environment, educational visits and whole school workshops. There are “hands-on” opportunities for pupils to grow and nurture plants and study pond life. A Science Week is timetabled into the year and is an opportunity for the children to apply taught skills for scientific enquiry, learning about a scientist and recording and evaluating results from experiments.