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At James Cambell Primary School we are proud of our school uniform

Our School UniformPE KitSwimming
Green Blazer (Compulsory for Yr 5 & 6 only)
Tie (Compulsory for Yr 5 & 6 only)
Dark green jumper/cardigan
Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
Yellow polo shirt
Black school shoes/black trainers
Grey/ white socks or grey tights
Black shorts
White t-shirt (no buttons)
Black plimsolls
Swimming costume/shorts
Swimming hat
Hair needs to be tied back for PE
Swimming is a compulsory part of the national curriculum. Children are required to attend swimming lessons unless there is a medical reason why they cannot take part. We must have evidence of the medical condition from your doctor.


  • Please ensure children have black everyday school shoes and plimsolls or pumps for PE/Sports.
  • Small stud earrings (no hoops) are allowed, however, no other jewellery is permitted unless for religious reasons.
  • No dyed hair, or patterns/lines cut into hair.

Our uniform with the logo on can be purchased from Castle Green Uniform shop which is located at Castle Green, Gale Street (map below).

Castle Green Uniform Shop Gale Street

Tel: 020 8270 4684

https://castle-green.org.uk/ product-category/james- cambell-primary-school/