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At James Cambell we have 2 Parent Support Advisors to work with parents of children attending the school. In the KS1 building we have Saffron and in the KS2 building we have Richard. A Parent Support Advisor is a free, CONFIDENTIAL service that the school offers.Parenting is a rewarding and challenging job, and there are times when parents and carers need support. Support can be in many forms, and is as individual as your children – from sibling rivalry, behaviour, accessing services in the Borough, help with sleeping habits and furthering your own or your child’s education. 
We offer trust and impartiality and a quiet place to chat.

We will work in partnership with you, respecting your wishes, allowing you to parent your children.

We have regular coffee mornings with various speakers. You can find out about upcoming coffee mornings etc on the school newsletters and notice boards.

Where and when to find us:

You can find us in the playgrounds before and after school every day.

Alternatively you can contact us on:

020 8270 4602

Healthy Packed Lunches 

At JCPS we promote healthy eating to all our pupils. Please see our packed lunch guidance

Healthy Packed Lunch & Snacks Policy.pdf Access Children’s Schedule of work here,

Maths training for Year 6 parents. You can book the webinar training online using the link below. Training costs £10. https://whiterosemaths.com/training-events/year-6-four-operations/

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