What Universal Infant Free School Meals means for your child and why you need to claim

A healthy, nutritious free school meal for every infant school aged child.

Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), is the government’s programme that entitles every infant school aged child to a free school lunch.

So if your child is in Reception, year 1 or 2, there will be no more paying for their school meals or worrying about what to put in their pack lunch. All children in these age groups will receive a nutritious meal every lunch time.

The Children’s Food Trust fully supports UIFSM. It’s great news for children and families and the health benefits of giving our children a nutritious lunch every day are clear. We know that when children eat better they do better. A nutritious school lunch is a big step towards making sure children grow up fit and healthy and achieve their full potential at school.

Firstly families will save both money, approximately £400 a year, and time without the cost of school meals or making expensive packed lunches.

Secondly the two course menu must meet the government’s school food standards and so healthy meals and snacks such as low fat milk, fruit and vegetables will be available every day.

And last but not least it’s been shown when children eat a healthy, nutritious lunch their concentration and learning is better in the afternoon. It also has the added benefit of teaching children more about social interaction and encouraging them to try new and exciting foods.

Schools can claim pupil premium money which is allocated with the uptake of the free school meals option, from the local authority. However in order for the school to be given the money, parents/carers must complete a pupil premium application form. 

The more parents that apply, the more money your school can get (subject to applications being successful).

To see if you are eligible and to help your school claim the pupil premium money, complete the form below and return to us asap.

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium Registration Form 2018 (1).pdf