This half term in Year 1 we have been looking at traditional tales. We had a great time at the story telling session today. Everybody helped to re-tell the traditional tale of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We enjoyed joining in with the actions and some of us dressed up as the characters! We had to help pull the enormous turnip. We are very excited to completing more activities around this story in the next few weeks.

Maths Workshop

Yesterday we had a maths workshop in Year 1. We looked at our new maths scheme ‘Power Maths’ and introduced parents to the part-whole model, tens frames and showed them greater/less than symbols. The children had the opportunity to teach their parents how to use these mathematical tools.  Lots of parents came and it was a great success. Please see the following link for more support with the part-whole model!

Victorian Toys Workshop

In year one we have been learning about toys that people played with many years ago in Victorian times. We have been learning what young boys and girls used to play with and what these toys are made from. We had a ‘Victorian Toys Workshop’. Mrs Pollock came to visit us. She took us into her toyshop to discover how toys worked and how they were made. We then saw Mr Pollock’s famous Toy Theatre in action!