At The James Cambell Primary School, we have developed an ambitious, creative and thematic curriculum which includes the teaching of subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider topic-based curriculum. This allows pupils to make useful links between areas of learning and to consolidate skills while being fully engaged in their learning as it has a meaningful context.

In consultation with the school community, we have developed a connected curriculum to deliver the 2014 National Curriculum and other aspects, including Personal, Health and Social Education (PHSE) and the local Borough’s Religious Education syllabus. Depending on the topic being covered, a theme can last from half a term to a full term. Each topic is focused around a particular curriculum area but all subjects are taught across the term. The combinations of themes planned over a year will teach the statutory program of study for the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum comprises: 

​Three Core Subjects  

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science

Foundation Subjects 

  • History  
  • Geography 
  • Design and Technology
  • Art and Design 
  • Music 
  • Physical Education 
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Computing

These subjects are not intended to be a complete curriculum and other aspects may include personal and social education as well as health education and swimming. The curriculum at James Cambell Primary is creative and cross curricular and relevant to an ever changing 21st Century world. 

As part of our curriculum, children learn about current issues and ideas through Votes for Schools. Votes for Schools is and national voting platform which Inspires pupil voice and active participation.

Votes for Schools also supports the effective delivery of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, (SMSC) , British values and Prevent, Personal Social and Health Education (PHSE) and Citizenship.